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The best manufacturing unit for stickers and labels is here. We have a great selection of stickers and labels for all your needs. We invite you to go through our website for a pleasant, efficient visual experience. Our staff members would be more than happy to assist you personally in order to ensure what is required for you. And if you need assistance, ideas, or special service we’re at your beck and call. Feel free to chat with us by clicking on the chat menu at the right bottom link or pick up the phone with any questions you have and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Our Featured Stickers and Labels Varieties

We at Anandha Print Solutions strive hard to provide our customers with the best quality Stickers and Labels. We invite you to peruse through our website. Keep in mind that our website doesn’t always reflect all stickers and labels which we hold in our unit - so for the most up to date selection, we recommend you to go one by one. Check out our selection here and in case of consultancy services or updates regarding your requirements call us or chat with us for more information.

Polycarbonate stickers and labels

Polycarbonate Stickers And Labels

Best Prefered

Polycarbonate label is a transparent versatile durable material used in printing due to its light weight and long life.   Polycarbonate  is the  first choice  when  it  comes  to  a majority  of  graphic  overlay applications  because of its benefits derived, as compared to other printed material available in the market. 

Rigid Pvc Stickers and Labels

Rigid PVC Stickers and Labels

Best Prefered

PVC stickers and labels are glossy transparent material. These labels are budget constraint. It is widely used in Branding of Home Appliances, Name Tags, and is also used as glass reverse stickers in automobile industries. PVC stickers are flexible material suitable only for indoor uses. For more details Click on the link below

Synthetic Stickers and Labels

Synthetic Stickers and Labels

Best Prefered

Synthetic Stickers and labels can be manufactured within quick turn- around time.  Synthetic stickers are used to show instruction and safety signs in products, equipment and machinery. Synthetic stickers are available in white mettalic and matt.     

Custom Stickers and Labels

Custom Stickers and Labels Printing

Best Prefered

We provide custom printing solutions to various industries such as Acrylic Sheet, battery industry, Wire, Gift Articles, Cloth Bags, Paper Bags and various other materials available in the the industry which are custom made

Polyester Stickers and Lables

Polyester Stickers And Labels

January 14, 2017

Polyester material is available in White, Clear, Matte and in Metallic Chrome, Mirror & Brush Finish. This is an excellent material for outdoor use due to its dimensional stability and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and exposure to chemicals.  We have a variety of gumming solutions based on your applications

Mettalic Stickers and Labels

Metallic Stickers and


Best Prefered

Metallic stickers and labels are Pvc based. It comes with Over coating of Glass and Matte Finishes. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These labels are alternative to Metal Labels. They are widely used in the form of re-use labels and Machine Specification labels.   It comes in Gold, Silver and Glitter silver.  We have various adhesive options based on our customers requirements. For more details Click on the link below

fFlorescent Stickers and Labels

Florescent  Stickers and Labels

Best Prefered

Florescent stickers  and labels are mainly used for identification purposes available in paper as well plastic formats. These colorful stickers  make  things easier for manufacturing and process based organisation. For further assistance please feel free to call us or chat with us  

Product Profile and Catalog

Product Profile, Catalog & Manual

Best Prefered

We print Product Profile, Catalog & Manual by keeping in mind what is required for a product in order to reach and satisfy the receiving end customers. Please feel free to contact us.

Dome Stickers and Labels

Domes Stickers

January 14, 2017

Dome Sticker is one of our most popularly used labels. With the best quality and durability, you can rest assured that we have what you need. These labels is suitable for Product Branding. It enhances the Product appearances. We customize these labels in divergent sizes, designs, shapes and color patterns to suffice the labeling requirements of different industries

Letter Cut Stickers and Labels

Letter Cut Stickers and labels

Best Prefered

Letter Cut stickers and labels are used in branding. These stickers are Vinyl based available in various gumming and  quality options. These stickers are custom made based on the requirements of our customers. Furthermore more, once cut by using Transfer tapes the same is transferred into the required surface. For more details Click on the link below


Vinyl Stickers and


Best Prefered

Vinyl Stickers and Labels are transparent and colour based stickers. Vinyl sticker are economical means  when  it  comes  to  branding and instructions when compared to other  printed material available in the market. Vinyl stickers can be printed within quick turn around time. We use good quality adhesive  Vinyl with 

Stickers and Labels Consultants

Stickers and Labels Consultancy 

Best Prefered

We fulfill all your printing needs  based on your requirement by keeping in mind various aspects. We will ascertain what exactly is required for you within your budget framework. Provide what best is suitable to you with various stickers and label options


We receive detailed requirement from customers end. Right From Product Details, Applicability, Durability , Dimesnions, Colour Specifications, etc...


After getting all the inputs from the technical team our design team will start the designing process. They will provide with two to three options .


Our packing team will pack the stickers and labels in bundles based on the quantity and size. They will ensure that the material will reach safely without any damage


We pin down all the requirements based on our Customers need. Collect the product component if required for designing and fulfilling technical compliance's


Parallelly once the designing process starts. Our procurement team will  ensure to fulfill quantity and substrate requirements.


Once the material is readily packed our Accounts team will keep the GST and E-way bill ready along with the other compliances aspects upto date,  if required.


Our Management  along with technical team will arrive at what is exactly required  by our customer. Lay down budget and various substrate options along with Quotation 


Production process will  be  fulfilled as per the plans and methods laid down by technical team and will be completed within the scheduled  time


If it is Home town delivery, Most of the times  we will deliver it personally. For outstaion delivery our transport department will plan accordingly


Our Technical Team will work in hand with Management as well as production  team to ensure and ascertain what exactly is required in order to satisfy the customer.

Quality Control

Once the production process is completed our Quality control team plays a vital role in going through and rejecting what is not suitable to be dispatched. 


After the sticker is used by our customers. We will make sure that we collect feedback from our customers and try to inculcate customer friendly relationship.


APS Stickers and Labels Process Flow Chart

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