Polycarbonate stickers and Labels manufacturer

We at Anandha Print Solutions are prominent manufacturers and suppliers of fine premium quality poly-carbonate stickers, labels and tags. These labels are preferred for diverse industrial applications. Our stickers are known for its eye catching, flexibility and versatility.

Polycarbonates (PC) are formation of multiple thermoplastic polymers which have carbonate accumulation in their chemical formation. Some grades in poly-carbonate are transparent and clearly visible with good thermal and physical properties. Because of several qualities, poly-carbonate is used for various purposes. Poly-carbonate is a long lasting durable material used as printed label due to its light weight and long life. Poly-carbonate stickers is the first choice when it comes to a majority of graphic overlay applications.


Being the leaders in the printing market, we are engaged in offering a wide range of poly-carbonate stickers and Labels. Our sticker is thoroughly tested under strict parameters by ensuring its quality with custom colour preferences. We offer these stickers in diverse sizes, dimensions and shapes to meet ever-evolving needs of our customers. A variety of adhesives with varied thicknesses are available depending on usage. We also offer a variety of substrates depending on your requirement.

Polycarbonate stickers and Polycarbonate Labels manufacturer

Material Variety used for Poly-carbonate stickers

We have a wide range of Poly-carbonate material suitable for stickers and labels. We deal in both ingenious and imported substrates. We have Matte and Gloss variety starting from 125 Microns which goes up-to 250 Microns.

Adhesives Used for Poly-carbonate Labels

Our customers have the options to choose from a list of Adhesives. We deal with indigenous adhesive which is superior when compared to all other adhesives. It is specially used for all the industrial applications. We also have several other adhesive options to choose from starting with Korean, 3m and Nitto tissue adhesives.

Application of Poly-carbonate Stickers:

We have versatile customers in every segments of industry and these stickers can be used were durability and resistance is must.

  • Automotive Industry- In automotive industry these stickers are used for Heat, Water, dirt and dust resistance.

  • Home Appliances- These labels are used for Branding by keeping in mind the durability factor. It will hold good throughout the useful life of the asset

  • Industrial Stickers and Labels- These stickers are used in several ways in Industrial sector. It plays dual role of promoting the brand as well as giving usage and product specifications to its end users.

  • Garment Industry- Poly-carbonate Labels are used as Tags in Garment industry. These labels are known for its tuff and rugged nature.

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment's- These stickers are used as display panels and as Keypad with embossed button options.

Why Us for Polycarbonate Label?

  • Designing- Our designers have sufficient knowledge which connects them to be more specific with our customers. They will provide two or three draft design to select from.

  • Sample- We give sample to our customers at minimum cost basis. Based on their approval and feedback we go ahead with production

  • Timely Delivery- We stick to our promises by following On-time delivery principle.

  • Colour Matching Tool- We use colour matching devices for maintaining colour consistency.

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